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Online Reputation Management

ThinkLab - Online Reputation Management

That’s exactly what we do. We manage your online reputation for you. That means that we build your strategy for your online presence and we also implement it through tools (domains, social media, SEO, articles etc.).


Listen - Research - Build

  • Identifying new sources of information such as blogs, newsfeeds & new social media platforms & keeping track of industry-related sites
  • Monitoring newsfeeds, blogs and social media for all keywords related to clients and their brands, as well as competitors if needed.
  • Analysis of online information • Engaging with bloggers and opinion makers/influencers
  • E-Community building & management. Acquisition of followers/fans through posts & interactions in order to create engagement to a brand/company. This is a long-term project and it aims in establishing a solid communication of a brand with its customers & create word of mouth.
  • E-Public Relations