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Media Relations & Monitoring

ThinkLab - Media Relations & Monitoring

We handle your brand's media exposure by designing and implementing an integrated communication strategy.
Through special practices and principles we engage your brand with the appropriate media, so your business can benefit and thrive!


  • Development and implementation of Strategic Communication programs that create and maintain a favorable public image
  • Press office services
  • Identify key media outlets and media trends
  • Organization and management of events such as press meeting events and trips, sponsorships, product launch events etc.
  • Identifying publicity opportunities through sponsoring activities
  • Implementing corporate responsibility to gain favorable publicity on the company's behalf
  • Manage Company's online reputation
  • Risk management
  • Daily media monitoring of publicity & submission of monthly Review reports
  • Cultivate relations with key business journalists in national publications
  • Achieve highest visibility for the company, in print, broadcast TV and online media for both countries
  • Draft effective communication plans and speeches for company executives, arrange interviews and build a favorable public profile
  • Preparation of Press kits, promotional videos and multimedia programs that serve to reach the company's policies to the public
  • Analyzing and measuring results of PR programs
  • Budget management and campaign ROI measurement

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